Monday, November 23, 2020

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Inconvenience caused to the people of Latambarcem-Kasarpal village

Migrant Manager is arrogant and acting as per his wish. Provides ambulance only during day-time.

Nerul is All Set for the Big Show on 13th February

History is being recreated. Revolution is ON! Nerul Meet by Revolutionary Goans will be a big hit

One Died on the spot in a Truck-Car Accident Today in...

Car driver lost his life in a serious accident today at Verna

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Is Morjim Left for Morjimkars?

Why is the Panchayat Body Quiet?
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A daughter was killed for the honor by a UP man in Goa

There was a shocking incident in Goa where a daughter was killed by her father in an honor of killing last month....
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Early Election promises are on the line by Aam Admi Party (AAP)

The Power Minister of Goa, Mr. Nilesh Cabral had stated an open challenge for the debate of the electricity model used in...