PANAJI: Revolutionary Goans Supremo, Manoj Parab has threatened to file a complaint with the vigilance department once voted to power, over the issuance of a no-objection certificate (NOC) to a housing project comprising of 180 plots in Gandaulim, Cumbharjua by fraudulent means. This particular ward comprises of 50 houses and once these 180 owners take possession the ward will comprise of over 80 percent of outsiders.
Locals alleged the panchayat body of accepting bribe from the project owner. The former panch member was involved in taking signatures from locals to object against this projects and then he fraudulently used the same signatures to give NOC to the developers.
“Locals from Gandaulim had raised objections to the megaproject proposed in their village in the year 2016. They pointed out that the natural resources of the village will be affected due to the housing project by Nikitasha Realtors Pvt Ltd. The project, the villagers alleged, have blessings of the panchayat members and the local MLA, Pandurang Madkaikar,” said Parab.
“Villagers said the NOC should be either revoked or they would go ahead and file a complaint in the vigilance department. The current panchayat body should revaluate the no-objection certificate issued or else we will do what is needed to seek relief in this matter,” he added.
The Revolutionary Goans candidate from Cumbharjua, Chaggan Naik pointed out that big projects in a village can lead to the destruction of green cover, water reservoir, flora and fauna. Destruction of the environment causes irreversible damage.
“Adequate waste disposal, sewage treatment, provision for ground water harvesting, are few aspects that need to be explored as this project will put a strain on existing facilities. Despite objections raised by locals the panchayat has gone ahead and given NOC for electricity and water. The electricity department has installed a transformer on comunidade land illegally without a number on that pole,” said Chaggan.
While a local, Stenly Correia lamented that a NOC was issued to this housing project by misusing the signatures of the locals from an objection letter in warded earlier.
“The people of Gandaulim have been objecting this mega project as it will destroy the environment and identity of the village. The approach road for this project is built on comunidade land without seeking any permission. Locals had written to the panchayat demanding them not to issue an NOC for construction work. The same signatures were later fraudulently used by them to issue the NOC,” said Correia.


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