PANAJI: The Revolutionary Goans Supremo, Manoj Parab hit out at Tourism Minister and Pernem MLA Manohar Ajgaonkar for carrying out illicit activities in Pernem due to which he is being rejected by all the parties. The party workers and voters should unite and teach a lesson to such party-hoppers in the coming Assembly elections.
Everyone is aware that MGP’s probable for the Pernem ticket, Pravin Arlekar has joined BJP on Monday, while Manohar Ajgaonkar, who is the current legislator from the constituency, is still confident of getting the ticket. Babu has barely any chance of getting the BJP ticket and hence hits out at Pravin Arlekar by calling him a drug dealer.
“It is a shame for him that no political party is even willing to take him as everyone is aware that he is a party-hopper and only out to earn a commission. Now it is too late for Babu to mend his way as the people from his constituency will teach him a befitting lesson in the upcoming assembly elections,” said Manoj while addressing the media at Panaji on Tuesday.
“He has taken over land from the locals without paying any compensation for which he will pay a price. Over the years Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party ( MGP) has turned out to be a feeder for BJP. Most of the MGP legislators are inducted into BJP in the long run,” added Parab.
While Revolutionary Goans leader from Pernem, Sujay Mhapsekar pointed out that the people of Pernem are angry with the BJP-led government due to the rise in inflation, skyrocketing prices of petro-products and growing unemployment.
“Babu has been fooling the people of Pernem in the name of major projects coming up in the constituency since the 2012 Assembly elections. He only speaks about projects coming up in Pernem Constituency like Ayush Hospital, Mopa Airport, Pernem Stadium. These mega projects are barely planned for the benefit of the locals. This election it is time to vote for a change and give Revolutionary Goan a chance. If politicians can switch parties, voters can jolly well switch their vote,” said Mhapsekar.


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