Ponda: Farmers growing betel nuts in Mardold are suffering as elected representatives turn a blind eye to their demands. Farmers had requested the MLAs to build the waterway channel as the water is entering their property. The water entering the property is damaging their betel nut crops.

In the year 2016 Deepak Dhavlikar had promised to build them the waterway but only half the work was done and the work was forgotten. In the year 2017 Govind Gaude was the elected representative and he was asked to resolve the issue but it wasn’t done.

Dinesh Kerkar addressing the issue said the farmers are suffering as the water from the water channel is entering the crop area, there is a water spring as well which is getting damaged as the water channel water is entering the spring, the elected representatives and the panchayat should take a look into the issue resolve the matter at the earliest.


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