Panjim: Minister of Ports Micheal Lobo speaking to the press has told that his wife Delilah Lobo has expressed interest in contesting the assembly election from the Siolim or Saligao constituency.

Lobo even told that he would be writing this claim of his wife contesting on a party ticket to the party when the time is right.

Now the question arises will the BJP party give the party ticket to Delilah Lobo or no, as both the constituency have BJP MLAs and both have lost their seats in the previous elections.

But a few days ago former tourism minister Dilip Parulakar told that the party has given him the green light to prepare for the upcoming assembly elections from the Saligao constituency. He also mentioned that he is sure of winning as well.

Speaking of Siolim ex MLA Dayanand Mandrekar is not is he seen as very active in any political meets so far. Nor is he seen active in his constituency. But it looks like Siolim doesn’t have an MLA anyways.

Micheal Lobo also mentioned that in the previous election his wife did not contest the election as Late CM Manohar Parrikar had requested Mrs. Lobo not to contest. But if she had contested the seat of Saligao constituency Jayesh Salgoankar wouldn’t be the MLA of Saligao.


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