MARGAO: The Revolutionary Goans Founder, Manoj Parab on Wednesday describes MLA of Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) Sudin Dhavalikar, a political joker who has been playing a crucial role in Goan politics for the last 17-odd years.

Manoj ridiculed the minister for using MGP as a trump card to form governments by aligning either with Congress or the BJP during the course of time. He also reiterated that they would field a candidate from the Madkai constituency.

“Revolutionary Goans reject Sudin’s alliance offer. I would like to tell him and make it very clear that RG is not for sale. We do not intend to get into an alliance with any political party. We will contest all 40 seats on our own strength. All these years we have seen a compromised government and we do not want to repeat the same. Goans are tired and fed up with the governance. Do not speak of alliance with us every again,” stated Manoj.

This is an election season; with five to six months to go for elections, all sorts of political proposals will now come up. People will make all sorts of statements to gain space and attention as well as try and get more seats especially if you are an alliance partner.

“It has been seen that in every government, the joker is important. From 2002 till date he has been part of every government. His dream remains the same, to be CM one day. Sudin first supported the Congress and then the BJP, like a political joker in a pack of cards. Sudin has held portfolios like Public Works Department, Transport and River Navigation but failed miserably in all,” highlighted Manoj.

Basic facilities like roads and water are not in place. So many lives are lost on a daily basis; Due to failed engineering people are having health issues, as well as vehicles, are being damaged. Being a Transport Minister till today we do not have an exclusive bus for women. Few places do not even have public transport. For the last 17 years, with the support of BJP and Congress he has destroyed Goa and RG will never support him.

We are aware of the use and throw policy of Dhavlikar. Why do they form a party when they are incapable of contesting all seats? This alliance is nothing but a settlement to sell Goa.

“MGP, NCP, AAP, Goa Forward all like-minded. Congress and Vijay Sardessai are begging for the alliance. I would like to request Sudin to retire from politics. We will give him an armchair made by Goans so he can sit back and enjoy the money he has earned. He is now a senior citizen and like a grandfather figure to us. We will not allow our elders to work at this age,” signed off Manoj.


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