The Government of Goa has told the HC that “The Judicial inquiry in the death of Covid-19 patients due to shortage of oxygen in the government hospitals across Goa would be “highly unjust” to frontline medical workers and would “have and effect of demoralizing the entire workforce.”

After the South Goa Advocates Association (SGAA), one of the eight petitioners in different PILs before the court, has suggested that there is a need for an inquiry to identify Covid-19 patients who died due to shortage of oxygen so that the families get the necessary compensation.

To this, the state in the response to a plea for a probe said “The doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, officials, and bureaucrats have worked tirelessly and with full dedication during the entire pandemic, Subjecting them to a judicial inquiry would be highly unjust and would have the effect of demoralizing the entire workforce. Medical personnel and bureaucrats should not be subjected to such treatment.”

The deaths of covid patients due to shortage of oxygen came to light when HM Rane told that 26 patients had died at GMCH due to a shortage of Oxygen.

Later the dean of GMCH Dr. Bandekar said that there was no connection between the drop in oxygen levels and deaths of Covid-19 patients.


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