Villagers of Gudi Parado Quepem, upset after a farmer’s field who belongs to the ST community was grabbed by a migrant. The farmer’s whole livelihood depends on the field, from years together this family is dependent on this field. Today the field is filled with construction material and the farmers cant sow the field.

Villagers have got together and filed a complaint with the Collector, BDO, Police Station Margao, and the Panchayat as well. But no justice is done, the villagers have all signed a letter against this illegal construction.

Locals claim that the government is sidelining the ST community as there is a migrant influx in the area and the elected representatives don’t need their votes.

The locals also alleged that the Minister of Tribal Welfare Govind Gaude is not bothered to help the ST community grow but is grabbing the funds for himself, which the center allocates for the ST community.

Today the situation of this community is very sad their only livelihood is trampled by migrants and we need to think about who is responsible for these migrants taking the upper hand of Niz Goenkar, our government has a Tribal Welfare Minister who is supposed to build this community but it seems like he is missing and his promise to work for the welfare of these people is also forgotten.

This is not the only place that our ST community is being trampled but throughout Goa, this is the situation. The Government talks about saving the community and working for them but this looks only like a lie.


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