The locals of Kirlapal Dharbandora upset about the constant failure of electricity in their locality. The villagers informed the media that this situation is going on for years and they have informed all the elected representatives about the power failures they are facing for years. The villagers have even knocked on the door power minister about this situation but there is no appropriate action whatsoever.

A Villager told that they suffering power cuts for long hours and this is a huge disturbance in their day-to-day life and they are suffering network issues after power failures, in this covid situation there are patients at home suffering but no one seems to take action.

A grocery shop owner told that his business is badly affected due to these power cuts, as perishable items tend to get spoiled.

The Government of Goa always has shown the public a developed picture of Goa but the truth is there are villages that are suffering. Suffering in ways that their daily life is affected.


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