Goa Forward Party announced that their working President Kiran Kandolkar’s wife Kavita Kandolkar will be contesting for the upcoming 2022 assembly election in the Tivim constituency.

The GFP working president also hinted that he could be the party’s candidate in Aldona. Kandolkar said that GFP has so far fixed 10 candidates in various constituencies.

After this announcement, it looks like GFP is creating another political mess and again helping the BJP to win the election. Like other parties, the Goa forward is also having a family raj business in politics.

The people of Goa had once believed in the GFP and they felt they could change the politics. But the GFP supported the BJP party and formed the government.

Later, when 10 MLAs of the congress joined BJP the GFP was kicked out of the government. Now the GFP claims that they would not join the BJP but the question is, “with limited seats will they be able to form the government and win?” The working president said 10 candidates are fixed till now. This either means that the GFP is again up for a political mess or they don’t even have candidates to place all over Goa.


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