WhatsApp is no longer new to anyone. With this app, you can easily communicate with anyone who is far away. What is special is that WhatsApp always brings new features for the users. It is said that WhatsApp will now bring five abandoned features for its customers. What is special is that this feature is said to be beneficial as well as fun for the customers.

This feature allows users to launch WhatsApp on different devices at the same time. What’s special is that you don’t even have to turn on the internet on the main device. Previously, when WhatsApp was running on a laptop or computer, the net on the mobile had to be kept on permanently. However, there is no need to continue the Internet in the new feature.

If there is an important conversation in WhatsApp, we save that chat in the archive and save it from public view. Read Later is a new feature. In this, the user can send any chat in Read Later and the special thing is that the notification of the new message in that particular chat will not even appear on the screen and at your convenience, you can read that chat anytime.

24-hrs disappearing messages
Currently Disappearing Messages feature is active on WhatsApp for seven days. Therefore, messages and photos in WhatsApp are automatically deleted after 7 days after turning on Disappearing Messages. But now the company has started working on the method of deleting messages and photos in 24 hours. So the Disappearing Messages feature may be launched in the next 24 hours. So that messages sent to anyone can now be deleted in 24 hours instead of seven days.

Join missed call
Most of the time we call friends WhatsApp groups. However, if a person is at work, she cannot pick up the phone and then add to the call. But, you can add a new person even while the call is running through join missed calls.

Instagram reels
The Reel feature on Instagram is especially popular among today’s youth. That’s why there is talk that WhatsApp will also launch this feature soon.


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