Suhaas Naik AITUC Secretary said that the current scenario, of a 4 -day lockdown isn’t had desired results. The number of cases & Death rates is increasing every day. Our State should have gone in for a longer lockdown with the exception of grocery stores to bring the situation under some kind of control.

To battle the virus, we need to follow the experiences of other countries that have successfully fought and contained the virus by using a lockdown as a circuit breaker to stop this virus from escalating as it is spread through human transmission.

It’s high time that government must follow the guidance and advice given by the medical and scientific experts and declare a total Lockdown of 15 days.

Today industrial estates have become the homes of coronavirus in Goa and Govt has done absolutely little to control the situation in these industrial estates in Goa.

In many factories staff is asked to work on production lines without maintaining social distance, workers use the canteens, changing rooms, and washrooms without following Govt guidelines and sops on COVID protocols and this have led to widespread of coronavirus.

AITUC suggested that the State Govt must appoint a high-ranking officer to visit these factories in all industrial estates and gather data of COVID infections and ensure that covid protocols are followed by factories while working to control the spread of corona pandemic in other areas in Goa. And if required the affected factories must be declared as micro containment areas.

The workers who test positive for COVID must be paid 14 days full salaries as on duty by the employers. Govt must set up health care facilities in these industrial estates with adequate medical care and treatment facilities.


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