Babush Monserrate yesterday slammed Vishwajit Rane for not being prepared for the second wave and said that the Health Ministery has failed and CM Sawant is running about trying to put things in place. CM Sawant was praised and HM Rane was slammed by Monserate.

“Goans blood is on the hands of HM and Babush Monserrate Is helpless, HM has done nothing and HM is only saying we are doing our best but doing nothing he claimed”, Said Babush Monserrate.

Babush Monserrate a few days ago said that 50% of the ministers have failed and the CM should look into the non-performing MLA’s. The BJP Government has 2 MLA’s in the same party and Babush Monserrate’s wife Jennifer Monserrate is Revenue Minister, and their son Rohit Monserrate is the newly elected Mayor, so is Babush Monserrate looking for the heath Ministry by slamming HM Rane has created confusion in the minds of Goans.


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