In a shocking information by internal sources at GMC, another incident of mis-happening is exposed by Goa Association of Resident Doctors. According to the sources, a letter has been inwarded to a office of Dean, Goa Medical College by a GARD, Association of Resident Doctors who are now performing the COVID duty in Goa’s biggest medical college and hospital.

As per the letter, one of the junior resident doctor had severe myalgia and dry cough for 3 days, his RTPCR was done by his colleague and the report was positive. After informing the Nodal officer named Dr. Viraj Khandeparkar, on call and message -both, he opted for home isolation.

Later, a Nodal officer, GMC messaged on a whatsapp group comprising all the residents, short posts and one other medicine consultant, saying that the resident doctor who has tested positive should repeat his swab with Consultant Microbiology. On repeating the swab, the report came negative and the resident doctor was accused of having faked his original positive report.

Later, he messaged on the same Whatsapp group saying that the JR has lied and as punishment he should do night duties daily for next 15days in 113 ward and monitor all the patients who are on floor or trolleys. He also made fun of the situation by saying “has made a recovery from covid in world record time”.

‘If he had doubts, he should have conducted an enquiry and confirmed with the residents involved and tried to find out the truth. Instead of doing that, he started embarrassing the sick resident infront of everyone. He is still symptomatic, yet he was asked to join duties’, a message from the letter read.

On this same day, the oxygen supply of various covid wards in GMC was disturbed and all the respective residents messaged about the same. All those messages were conveniently ignored. On a day when Goa recorded the highest number of covid deaths, the nodal officer of the biggest covid hospital in the state was busy harassing and intimidating the very same junior residents who have been working tirelessly for the past one year for the people of the state. In addition, he even belittled their efforts by saying that they are not doing any great work for the department or people of goa but only for their own personal futures.

Further he announced that all residents/interns who have tested positive and gone into isolation over last few days should all repeat their swabs with Consultant, Microbiology.

This is not only showing a distrust of the administration towards the hardworking residents, but also demoralizes all the residents who have been working whole-heartedly.

Finally, the association in a letter has also demanded an apology from the nodal officer, Dr. Viraj Khandeparkar and his resignation.

When such kind of office politics is becoming common in all sectors, medical profession is also not spared. This kind of behaviour is not right, not ethical, and not acceptable atleast in this critical time of medical emergency when all the medical officers are risking their lives and saving this planet.


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