Finally, the DEMOCRACY won over the dictatorship. This time Democracy did not keep any option to get it murdered. The winning margin in West Bengal is so much that, The So-called Chanakya Mr. Amit Shah also can’t buy them to form the BJP government. In many states, BJP brought MLAs to form their government even when they did not get the majority seats.

Bengal Elections was the most hyped and most covered assembly Election of this decade. BJP used all its power to defeat the existing TMC government. This was the battle of Pride for the BJP. Even the Election commission dragged the Election in 8 phases for around two months which could have been done in 10 days or so. But it was Mamata Vs BJP in West Bengal.

Modi crossed all the limits in his speeches during rallies. Attacking Mamata and his “Didi O didi” jibe did not go well with many. Amit Shah claimed 200 plus seats for BJP and even the national media played their role of giving the victory for BJP. Even when Covid-19 was spiking up to the next level the Media in India Media was busy covering Modi and BJP rallies. Exit polls were showing figures which were very far from reality.

The one man who took up this challenge was Prashant Kishor who was the mind behind Modi’s 2014 victory. He worked with Mamata and planned the Campaigns which touched the hearts of Bengalis. “Khela Hobe” and “Bengal ki Beti” were superhit campaigns just like Prashants “Ache din” And ‘Chai Pe Charcha”.

IPAC team with young blood of India pulled up this massive win over mighty BJP which gave a Ray Of Hope for the entire nation. Mamata showed the way for everyone. She showed the courage to stand strong against the BJP which is acting like Dictators in many states of India. She was hurt at the beginning of the Election but she did not give up. She chose the most polarised seat of West Bengal that is Nandigram. This move created a massive impact on other seats and the entire Election. She lost the Nandigram seat by a narrow margin but the TMC win was huge.

This election again certified the End of Congress in many parts of India. But the rise of the regional parties over the national parties was the ray of hope for every regional force in India. This was a straight fight between BJP and TMC and this was the advantage for TMC as anti-BJP voters collectively voted for one party.

Once again South India showed BJP their place and the regional Force won the battle with Prashant Kishor again making Stalin’s DMK win Tamilnadu Elections.

Ray Of Hope For Goa
This election gave the ray of hope for Goan voters who were on backfoot seeing the power of BJP voters will have to stand strong and united against the BJP and vote for one party rather than voting for multiple ones. This will surely make BJP lose Max seats in Goa.

Congress is out of the picture in Goa, Goa Forward is lead by the Land Dealer and the Father of 16-B land conversion act, and the betrayer of Goa Vijay Sardesai, MGP is an old family party without any ideology, AAP has proved again and again how they are B-Team of BJP and which was confirmed by Manish Sisodia in his last visit to Goa, NCP is one-man show Churchill who is a puppet of BJP, and Independence candidates will go with BJP anytime when BJP needs so only Option Goa has today is Revolutionary Goans.

We have decided to do contest all 40 seats as we want to form our government and work for the welfare of Person of Goan Origin. So vote split is what we have to avoid and make it one is to one fight.
Uniting with multiple Parties to defeat BJP is not the solution and this will only Compromise on the welfare of Goans and Goa. So let’s get united as Goans and Voters and let us throw BJP out of Goa as well. We have to rebuild Our Goa and only Regional Force can do this like Kerala, AP, Telangana.


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