Supremo of Revolutionary Goans Speaking to media told about the Political party formation. Manoj informed that the same is in progress and it will be done shortly and we will be inform Goans after the formation is done.

Manoj also commented that their ground level work of the election is already in progress, booth level work is working full fledge. Revolutionary Goans have started work in 31 constituencies already and has planned to contest all 40 seats also the other constituency were on hold due to municipality elections but we are ready to begin work in the other constituency very soon.

He further spoke about their candidate selection process. Manoj said that the candidate selection will be done only after their door-to-door campaigning and their candidate will be a person who is among the people and not act as a ruler, the candidate’s full background check will be done before being declared as a candidate. He Quoted “We will have candidates who will work for the people and reach out to the people. The current political system is that people go to the door of the MLA but here we want the candidate to go to the people’s door.”

Manoj Signed off by stating that, due to covid spike the door to door campaigning is given a break as they want to be responsible citizens and the safety of Goans is Revolutionary Goan’s first priority.


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