Chief of Revolutionary Goans Manoj Parab had received a notice of externment from the District of North Goa and had to appear the District Magistrate. But he has been given the next date of 03rd June 2021.

Manoj Parab has 8 cases filed against him some of which are quashed, he also has been acquitted of few cases and he has appealed in some cases as there is no involvement of his in those cases,  to which the status is pending. Previously Manoj had received an externment notice which was quashed.

 Manoj stated, “I am very sure that the case of Externment will be quashed, as we are working for Goans, and the betterment of Goa. Revolutionary Goans haven’t murdered anyone, nor has instigated anyone. As we travel to every village and held so many meetings, we haven’t ever given a hate speech, or have created a law and order situation. Till date even after having such huge rallies and meets, Revolutionary Goans have always maintained a record of no violence. We held one of Goa biggest protests against Coal named “Coal Revolt” without breaking any laws, still we are being targeted.”

On questioning Manoj with regards as to Why he feels he is into this target, he said “BJP has felt the heat of this revolution and has shaken up their vote bank in North Goa after Revolutionary Goan reaching every village, the attendance in the Gram Sabhas has shot up, villagers are getting united, illegalites are being exposed. If this why I am being externed from North Goa, I would like to tell the Government that this revolution won’t stop, our revolutionaries are strong, and they will continue this revolution.”

Manoj told the media that charges such as Section 144 & Section 269 is pressed against him.  A chapter case has been also filed against him in the Shel Melauli incident, but Manoj Parab wasn’t even present when the incident happened. The second case against him is where a migrant living in Ponda named Rajiv Jha has put a fake case against him and he will challenge that case as well and file a charge sheet against the case.

Manoj hit out at CM Sawant stating “This revolution won’t stop, and in 2022 when we will run the government we have already taken out a list of who we have to extern”


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