Fuel Sky High But Goan Transporters not Getting Market Rate.


Pernem: 150 trucks of Pernem of the Truck Owners Association continued to be off-road for the past 6 days they are protesting as they are demanding the government to pay market rate for the transportation services and are seeking the CM Sawant to look into their grievances.

They claimed that the rate provided by the company is not affordable to
them since it is not as per the market rate. These transporters transport Sand, laterite stone, and sand.

The protestor is demanding the market rate which is their right but the state government has not yet looked into an option yet. Fuel pricing is touching sky high and there are transporters not even getting market rate for their transportation. The protest has been a frequent site in Goa these days there is a protest going on a huge scale in Goa. Goans are made to protest day in and day out to protect either their lands or their livelihood. Governance in Goa is a completer failure.


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