PANAJI: The Class XII exams of the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is set to begin on 24 April and a total of 19 thousand odd youth are preparing to answer the exams, but the scare of the covid spike is rising in the minds of the parents and the students as well. Soon after that, the student of Class X will be answering the exams from the 13th of May.

Due to a spike in Covid 19 cases, the Maharashtra Government has postponed exams to ensure the safety of the students. But the Government of Goa is trying to put at risk thousands of students.

Speaking to a Parent of a Student studying at Xaviers College Mapusa Said “The Goa Government has seen a huge spike in the covid cases and still, there are no restrictions as such which needs to be followed, many tourists are freely roaming around wearing no masks, parties in clubs are still on the move, Govt is still not worried of the safety of our children, The exams could be postponed as it is the matter of life”.

A student from class X told GP News, ” Firstly we have suffered a lot for the online class due to network issues and also electricity issues and now covid scare answering exams will be tough”


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