Govind Gawde once again tries to fool the people with his dirty politics. Locals had demanded a road to be made at Vangak Keri Village. This road was promised to be made last year before Diwali, but in despair, the villagers themselves constructed a road by themselves. Last month, Minister Govind Gawde had assured the people that he would complete the road work but to date, no such promise has been fulfilled.

A few days back print media had published the successful development that Govind Gaude did but the reality is completely a different version.

The thought process calls to think, Who is Govind Gaude trying to prove his development to? When the people in his own constituency are crying for basic road facilities?

Not a long time ago Reveoutionary Goans had exposed the reality of Govind Gaude at the BioMedical Plant waste presentation and his so-called image had tarnished. Hence he needed to advertise for fake development to pull his shocks.

Elections are near and we can smell the fever of Destructive development or forgotten development. This has been an old story which is always been played by politics. After 60 years of Liberation, Goa being such a beautiful state and being a small state had to be far more developed sustainably. But today we see is poorly developed Goa. It’s hard to think that Villagers have to spend their own money to build roads to travel we live in a modern world but Goa is lacking?


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