MARGAO: Attack against the Digambar Kamat Leader of Opposition and Alexio Reginald Lourenco Curtorim MLA, Trojano D’Mello GPCC spokesperson said that the duo wants to finish the Congress party in the State.

Trojano said Kamat and Reginald are working against Congress and hence have joined hands with NDA partners Goa Forward.

“Reginald has sold parts of Curtorim to Goa Forward, he also claimed that Reginald will not contest on the Congress ticket.

He said the Congress Fatorda block will work to defeat BJP and Goa Forward.

The press conference was arranged to declare candidates for Fatorda municipality elections, which was addressed by Dr. Ashish Kamat, Piedade Noronha, Trojano D’Mello, Yogesh Nagvekar, and along with candidates.

Dr. Ashish Kamat came heavily on Digambar  Kamat and Curtorim MLA Alex Reginald questioning how come the Congress leaders joint hands with NDA partner Vijai Sardesai.

“This is all done to benefit personal gains and nothing beneficial to Congress. We want to grow Congress in Fatorda to regain its lost glory. Though Digambar is the leader of the Opposition, he cannot take decisions regarding the Fatorda constituency. We had told the party leadership and Goa desk in charge Gundu Rao that we will file Congress candidates in the Fatorda constituency. I m sure that till the time Goa Forward is in NDA, Congress will never join hands with Goa Forward,” he added.

In the 2015 municipality elections, both Digambar Kamat and Vijai Sardesai had formed a panel and after elections, Vijai’s Forward councilor joined hands with BJP.


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