A few days ago MLA of Vinod Palyekar made a statement in the press “Make me CM for 10 days & I will finish drugs, rave parties in Goa” But his words just don’t match reality Siolim constituency is crying for maintenance but there is no action on that.

Solar Powered Fountain is Siolim near St. Anthony Church is just a waste of public money. This is nothing other than a breeding ground for mosquitoes. A waste of the money of the Taxpayers. The water in the fountain has turned green and garbage is also found in the fountain water. The bad roads in Siolim have always made headlines and this fountain is adding misery.

Secondly, Anjuna is also a part of Siolim Constituency and Anjuna being a tourist attraction the lake in the village has been another ground for vector bone diseases. The water resource department in 2013 beautification was done for this lake and Rs 1.8 crores were spent, the entire area was beautified with streetlights, chairs, fountains in the pond and was considered as one of the tourist attractions. However, over a period of time, the pond has gone from bad to worse due to lack of maintenance. The water in the lake has turned green, streetlights not working, chairs are broken.


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