The Delhi Based Businessman Rajeev Arora has once again damaged the prominent Goan restaurant Souza Lobo. The restaurant was damaged last year as well in the month of November. The second time the restaurant was damaged on 15th March 2021 at around 13:00 hrs, by the Delhi-based businessman along with Goons. They started breaking the restaurant compound wall. Ms. Laverne Lobo co-owner of the restaurant intervened, but she is threatened by the Delhi-based businessman Arora. A police complaint was filed later in regards to the incident.

Ms. Lobo speaking on this incident told the media “In spite of a complaint being registered against Arora, he came to the restaurant and started breaking our compound wall, and when she intervened and questioned Arora, He replied he has contacts with the police and the DGP and can do what he likes; When Ms. Lobos’s friends and customers intervened Arora threatened to kill all of us at night.  

Arora was accompanied by Calangute police staff with civil clothes. This full event is captured on CCTV surveillance.


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