Villagers of Ucassaim on Sunday were angry over an illegal borewell that was built by a migrant. The Borewell was dug up illegally. The villagers marched to the panchayat with regard to the same. The locals also said if there are such bore wells dug in the village their wells will be dry. The locals claim that the Panchayat authorities are involved in this illegal bore well.

As angry villagers marched to the panchayat the Sarpanch and all other members had to issue a stop-work notice to the person who was involved in building the illegal bore well. The villagers were not satisfied and further demanded that the borewell has to be buried and The same was done as it was a demand of the villagers.

Goencho Patrao News had covered the full issue. This is clear evidence that  Goencho Patrao News has always Worked towards fearless journalism and will always be a channel that will voice out citizen voices.


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