A lot of struggling battles between the Goa Miles and our Locals Taxi owners. Locals taxi drivers are struggling in a battle for their livelihood. They have lost their source of income during the pandemic. But also, they are struggling with the App-based taxi services in Goa. The local Taxi operators have always opposed this App-based taxi service. They are requesting and pleading with the Government to scrap this app-based taxi but there seem not bothered about them.    

Revolutionary Goans & Goencho Patrao exclusively spoke to a few Taxi Operators on how they are facing problems with regards to the App-Based taxi services in Goa.

“We go out on duty at 07:00 and hopefully wait our turn till evening. But when our turn is about to come to get some business, The App-based taxis come and take away our business. It creates a huge negative impact on us, we can’t meet the demands of our families, we are in a huge financial crunch.  Fuel rates are skyrocketing and if we charge even a penny more we are tagged as Thief and what not’’; Says Terrence Taxi Operator from Candolim.

Rupesh a Taxi operator from Vasco said “I request the Chief Minister and Transport Minister to hear us out, and look into How we taxi operators are struggling due to this app-based Taxi services, even after hunting for business we are left in vain if we taxi operators have to survive the Government has to discard app-based Taxis in Goa”.

“CM Sawant Talks about Swayampurna Goa but by taking away our business which way is the following Swayampurna Goa, our business was safeguarded by us, from so many years and now suddenly an app-based taxi starts up and our survival is in danger”; Says Satyavan Harmalkar Taxi Operator from Anjuna.  


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