Revolutionary Goans celebrate their 04th Anniversary. The founder of Revolutionary Goans Manoj Parab is has been working tirelessly to build up Revolutionary Goans, from scratch and big-time achievements. Revolutionary Goans have come a long way from empowering Goans to be self-sustainable, moving towards introducing the POGO bill for Goa, having different initiatives for Goans, and then entering into Politics. Their work has touched thousands of people and they have tremendous support around the world. Revolutionary Goans worked towards several other incentives like Amche Matadaar, Amche KaamGaar, Amche Kutumb, Amche Jobs, Amche Dhondekar, Green Goa, Goencho Patrao, and Goa Fresh.

Incentives by Revolutionary Goans

A long way of struggle has been evidently seen. Revolutionary Goans have been working on the ground level for 4 years. Working with different issues and also working towards solving issues faced by people. POGO is one of the bases which has made Revolutionary Goans grow stronger. They have always believed in unity irrespective of religion.

Revolutionary Goans have been a voice to Goans who are being trampled day and day out by the Government. Revolutionary Goans has always been very vocal about illegalities and corruption. They started a Revolution in Goa, to save Goa and the identity of Goans. At first Revolutionary Goans faced a lot of struggle to build this huge family. Today there are thousands who are being a part of Revolutionary Goans are they are proudly called Revolutionaries. This is Why Revolutionary Goans is in every village and in every home.

Revolutionary Goans political entry has been a turning point in Goan politics, they recently declared they will go political as their demand for the POGO bill was turned to a deaf ear by the Government, and it high time that Goans need a change in the system and that change will be Revolutionary Goans. The founder of Revolutionary Goans Manoj Parab has always said “The Government has made us Morden Salves, and Revolutionary Goans will finish up this modern slavery”.

Thank you, Revolutionaries, for your love and support. Let’s revolution Team Revolutionary Goans


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