Revolutionary Goans have started their Door to Door Campaigning from Priol , Ponda & Marcaim. Vishvesh Naik and Babal Naik taking the lead in this campaigning. Before starting the campaign they took the blessing of Lord Ganesh, Shri Mhalasa, Devi Shantadurga, Devi Navdurga Devi, Shri Katambhgal Dada & Shri Amreshwar.

Speaking on the door-to-door campaigning Vishvesh Naik said “We are starting this campaigning with blessings of God. We will start the door-to-door campaigning every day after 18:00 hrs. We will go to every door with our Pogo Pamphlets. We will guide people on their rights and how they need to get the rights back. Also, Revolutionary Goans want to empower women which is one of the biggest resources which is not used to the maximum. Our revolution will reach every House in this campaigning and we are sure of the opposition having sleepless nights I appeal to Goans to join Revolutionary Goans to make a vision document for Goa.

“This is the way of joining a revolution. As we have come a long way, we need to take few more steps to success. This is a way we can take it forward. I am encouraged by the Youth and our Elders is commendable. We are sure this revolution will never make us modern slaves. Speaking from my experience I was for 12 years working abroad. But I was eye washed with news which wasn’t reality. Revolutionary Goans has exposed the government to how Goa is being looted. I will stand by Revolutionary Goans no matter what because we are doing this with a clear conscience. We need good governance and like-mined people should join us”. Babal Naik.


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