After Revolutionary Goans winning back-to-back 3 cases in the high court. The Chief of Revolutionary Goans Manoj Parab receives another order from the Superintendent of Police North Goa. Which projects him as a notorious criminal. The Government is misusing the machinery to extern him from North Goa District for 2 years. This hearing will take place on 25th February 2021.

Just 3 days ago Revolutionary Goans announced their political entry. Manoj Parab has also said the party will contest all seats. He also mentioned his motive was to Rebuild Goa by the POGO bill but the Government has failed to do so. Hence Revolutionary Goans had to plunge into politics.

But it seems like the Government is already having a tough time. Even before Revolutionary Goans is registered as a political party is registered. The Government also denied all the permissions to have the party declaration meet. The Government is somehow trying to move in against Revolutionary Goans. It just shows how frustrated and feared the Government is of Revolutionary Goans.

Manoj Parab today afternoon Tweeted

“Now Goa Government wants to extern (Tadipar) me from North Goa District for two yrs. Hearing on 25th Feb. This shows Frustration of CM.”


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