In a big announcement today, Revolutionary Goans announces a Political entry at Panjim. Revolutionary Goans chief, Manoj Parab was speaking today in an exclusive Press Conference.

“450 yrs of portuguese rule and then the massive revolt of liberation from the portuguese rule by our elders, what we got in return post-liberation? Goans are still struggling for survival. Pollution, Destruction of Nature in the name of development, Illegalities & Corruption have finished Goa & Goans. Many genuine goans came forward to save Goa, but day by day, Goa is facing the worst days. Goan youth is facing the worst problem of unemployment even after having high education and industrial estates. Goans are struggling to make a livelihood in their own land. The migrant population is rising & politicians are using these migrants’ vote banks for their political gain. While all this is going on, Goans are sidelined from all the benefits. Migrants are finishing Goan businesses, taking our jobs, encroaching our lands illegally & Goans are left lost”. Succeesive governments have only worked as agents of centre and sold our land and our rights to centre. Our elected representatives made their illegal votebanks and never ever made any law in the assembly which will protect the rights of Goans. Changing the parties for their benefits is now a fashion in Goas politics. Goa government is celebrating the 60 yrs of liberation but still we goans are not given the basics like water, shelter, electricity, roads, healthcare facilties. Our environment destruction is at its peak. The main economic industries of Goa like mining is stopped because of illegalities which were uncheked by the governments. Tourism industry is suffering because of failed tourism Policy. Agriculture in goa is in deep trouble as there is massive land conversions, land fillings, land aquisitions, water pollution, unplanned infrastructure projects and poor ground support from the Goa goverment to the farmers. Women safety is another aspect which is neglected by the governments , rape and mollestations is very common in our state now. Skill development for the youths of goa is lacking making them uneployed in goan industries. Comunidade land is enchroched illegally by migrants, housing board projects are givent to migrants who are entering goa. creation of new slums in each constituency is supported by our elected reprentatives. Corruption is at its peak and the ease of getting work done in government offices is a at minimal. Our present government cant even solve the garbage issue and they talk about saving goa.

Now what goa needs is the political system which will make policies to safeguard the rights of native goans. Goa needs a goverment which will protect, preserve and promote goas environment, culture and heritage. Goa needs a political sysytem which will Rebuild goa and bring back its lost glory. Today we announce our Political entry in Goa and we decide to contest the upcoming 2022 assembly elections. We will give goans the goverment they deserve and the government which will work democratically. Goans are tired of all this old politicians and now looking for a better change. said Manoj addressing the Press.

He pointed out the fact that they wanted to make this announcement in a huge public gathering, but Government authorities denied giving them permission to conduct such meetings. He claimed Revolutionary Goans always follow legal ways to carry out all their work for the last 4 years.


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