Twitter takes down handles, Hashtags which was suggesting farmers genocide As per Government Orders.

The Government on Wednesday ordered Twitter to immediately take down handles and hashtags which were suggesting farmers’ genocide. This as such misinformation and inflammatory content will incite passion, and impact public order.

The government has warned Twitter of Penal action in case o failure to comply with its directive.

Twitter chose to sit delay over this and blocked them for a few hours. A fresh order was issued to Twitter to comply failing to which Penal Action under sections that provide for fine and jail up to 7 years have been warned.

Section 69A of the Information Technology Act gives the central government to direct Social media sites like Twitter to Block for access for the public any information generated transmitted received stored or hosted in any computer if it’s satisfied that the same is necessary or expedient in order to prevent incitement of any offense.

As per Twitter The officials were met and conveyed that the accounts and posts in question constitute free speech and are newsworthy.


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