Farmers and Farming is always been pride. This new venture of farming is by Peter Faria who is a Musician by profession, Eman Dias who is a Musician by profession, Vishnu Murgaokar who is working in the service sector, and  Neville Faria who has returned from the Gulf. Have inspired us Goans that we can get back to Farming and make Goa self-sustainable.

Farming is just not a business but it is like nurturing a child. We sometimes look down on our farmers, in various ways and one way is wasting food.  We don’t realize the struggle they went through by supplying us food that we eat.

This pandemic has brought out the best in all of us, and I would say our talents are more tuned up. The same way many lost their jobs or business ran out and many went for new opportunities to earn their daily bread.

The same way Peter, Eman, Vishnu, and Neville achieved great heights in the farming they have done. So let us find out more in conversation with Peter Faria.

How did this idea of farming occur to you? This is the first time we have grown vegetables in our field. Eman and me (Peter) are musicians. So due to Covid-19 all our Music shows and Events either got canceled or postponed, Hence we had nothing to do so, we decided let’s grow vegetables in our field.

Who all work with you in the field? Eman, Vishnu, Neville, Including me also work in the field, our families and our kids come as well and enjoy the time in the field and they are become small helping hands and This will inspire the kids as well.

What vegetable have you grown in the field? Alsande, Corn, Squash, Snake Gourd, Bottle Gourd, Radish, Kohlrabi, Cluster Beans, String Beans, Brinjal, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Cucumber, Watermelon, Zucchini, Fenugreek, Mustard, Dill (Shepu), Chillies, Sweet Potatoes, French Beans, Tomatoes, Onions, Amaranth (Red and Green)

What was your inspiration or motivator to do farming? We are motivated and inspired by Revolutionary Goans Supremo Manoj Parab. As He always says its his dream and vision of a Self-Sustainable Goa and this can only happen when we start and build-up such opportunities, we have such fertile land in Goa and we should make maximum use of it. instead of selling our lands make use of it.

What is your advice to others or people who keep their fields barren? Advice is that we can build a self-sustainable Goa, we can grow our own crops, we will have enough supply of vegetables if all our fields are grown. I advise our youth to take up farming as a business oppurtunity.  

In Conversation with Peter Faria An Article by Valencia Fernandes


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