What’s Going on in Melauli?

Yesterday was a terrific day in Goa’s history. Government Failed Miserably to Handle the Non-Violent Protest of Locals. Poor Villagers were sitting Peacefully on Roads for Last 6 Months for Their Village!

What were their Demands?

Just that they don’t want IIT in their village! For the simple reason that they don’t want to give their lands! Is this so difficult to understand for a Government? Is it not “People’s Power” who should decide what they want & what they don’t want in their own village?

Why can’t CM understand that this kind of so-called Development is not what Goa needs right now? IIT is the most wanted Institute in India for all the aspiring Engineers. Agree!

But, why Government is forcing this on Villagers when they don’t want it? Even after several months of this protest, the Government is going ahead with the Demarcation process. Is it not some kind of Dictatorship?

Local MLA is saying, “IIT will be in Melauli, till he is in the Sattari Politics, which is his constituency”. Did he forget that he is not the King of Sattari and he can’t decide on the People’s behalf?

Remember, a few years back youth from Sattari was killed in a protest opposing Nylon66? When the father of this MLA was CM of Goa to be precise?

What kind of Rule is this? Is this what we elect these Representatives for? Yesterday, when Government authorities started the Demarcation process in a hidden way, Melauli villagers opposed it in full strength. And what they got in return? Lathi charge? Tear Smoke? Who are they? What have they done? They are just fighting for their village in a Peaceful manner.

Hats off to these villagers. They have limitless Patience. Sitting on roads for 6 months is not a joke. It needs real Dedication and love for the Motherland.

Why in the first place, the Government had to carry out any legal process by hiding it from the general public? Police officers under the tremendous pressure of the Government are going against their own people! Are they not supposed to be people’s protectors?

How ethical it is to step on an elderly women’s chest? Shame on such a Government who is Mis-using the Police Force & Government Machinery to Suppress People’s Voice. Still, CM today gave the statement that IIT will be in Melauli only & Local MLA is not to be seen anywhere. On top, they forced the Police force to file an FIR on people protestors for taking the law in hands. How illogical is that? There is something called SELF-DEFENCE!

Yes! We still believe that the Truth will win! God bless the poor villagers & Long live their UNITY!

Copied from a Facebook Post!


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