Morjim is the most attractive and most wanted tourist destination preferred by the whole world. It was a small village in the North Goa district in Pernem Taluka, rich in natural resources where the river meets the sea producing a beautiful scenic view. Temples, Churches are also plenty in Morjim.

But, what this scenic place is known for now? Over the years the village is being converted into a real estate hub which is mainly captured by outsiders. The rich builders from India as well as abroad have quite a large interest in the land here which is having the maximum beachline.

Locals have also become financially stable with the help of the tourism business there. Morjim is no longer a village now but it’s more of a city and party place. But at one point in time, all this so-called development has crossed the limits and now these builders have started destroying the hills, water bodies, and fields for their selfish gains.

Sadly known nowadays as “Little Russia”, has Morjim lost its identity?

If you visit this village, you will see more foreigners and fewer Goans. Not only tourists but the problem started when these tourists became the settlers and started capturing the lands & businesses in the village.

At the same time, the rich builders from rest of the India started investing in the lands here and Goans started selling for money. Many outsiders also have a “Second Home’s” in Morjim. Isn’t there an open violation of CRZ rules? The reserved beach of Turtle Nest is not left for turtles as well.

But despite all these facts, the question is Why is the Panchayat Body Quiet?

“House numbers of old houses and temples are given to the outsider builders. Despite Panchayat having a record of all these house numbers, how the selling is done? If this continues, Morjim will be open for Mafia Raj in near future. Villagers are also getting death threats if anybody tries to question about this”, one of the local expresses his fear.

Beaches are conquered, there are signboards cautioning locals not to enter the beach saying it’s private property. Fields & water bodies are filled and buildings are constructed. Trees are cut, hills are destroyed to convert it into a concrete jungle.

But the question is, “With whose permission?”

Is this all legal?

If yes, how Panchayat is giving NOC’s to such destruction of a village?

If no, why Panchayat is having a blind eye to all these illegalities?

Is Panchayat unaware of all these things? Or is it pretending so?

How the wealth of elected representatives is growing exponentially in this beach line? Is MLA involved? Is Sarpanch involved? Are the Panch Members involved?


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