On Friday, local vendors were removed from the market space in Mapusa after paying the municipality fees of the market area. These lady vendors are selling their own yielded products and those are Goan household items and they are grown organically for many years.

Is it wrong that ladies in the market want to make living for themselves? This is their profession. Why do the authorities don’t understand that these women were out of business due to the lockdown during the pandemic & this made their lives difficult?

Many have lost jobs and the source of income is lost. On Friday, after the market area fee was paid, the products of these ladies were taken away by the municipality staff. These ladies cried not to take away their stuff as it’s their source of income. But the same wasn’t heard. They weren’t there illegally or didn’t do anything illegal, but they paid for the right to sell the goods there.

Was that a threat to anyone? These ladies asked for help from the Revolutionary Goans team. Immediately RG Members reached out to them and showed their support. Mr. Shrikrishna Parab and Mr. Anish Naik calmly understood the situation and headed out to the Mapusa Municipality Office where the Chief Officer Mr. Kabir Shirgaonkar wasn’t available and they called him and spoke to him regarding the same. He assured them that they will be allowed to sell their products on Monday and they also spoke to him about the harsh behavior to the women and told him that many of them are senior citizens as well.

The Chief Officer agreed to the same. On Monday the vendors were back to the market area to sell their products as assured by the Chief Officer. The ladies were taken out, again they reached out to Mr. Anish Naik and Mr. Shrikrishna Parab from Revolutionary Goans. RG members with vendors requested help legally, and the needed aid was provided to them.

The ladies along with Shrikrishna and Anish marched to the Mapusa Municipality office with the demand that, they want a place to sell their products on daily basis and they will pay the rent of the market.

The Chief officer was very rude to them and told them to move out of the office, when he was asked a simple question as per why was there no action taken to resolve the issue of the vendors when it was promised on Friday via phone call.

These actions show a corrupt system and putting our local vendors down. When the Government is shouting out slogans of Vocal for Local, the system is crushing the locals. We are all are hoping for a corrective action from the authorities. The MLA doesn’t seem interested in the issue faced in his market, as this isn’t the first time there is a problem in the Mapusa Market.

We can see migrants all over, but the locals are somewhere missing, and this is to be blamed on the authorities. There should be a solution to this. Vendors owed a big Thank you to Mr. Shrikrishna Parab and Mr. Anish Naik for all the help and support and standing by them when they needed it.

“We will lend all the support to them no matter what”, said Shrikrishna and Anish.

As reported by Valancia Fernandes.


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