We all know that Dussehra or Dasro is celebrated to commemorate the victory of Lord Ram killing the demon Ravan and many other stories too.

Different parts of India celebrate Dussehra in different ways where machinery, tools, weapons, etc are worshiped. Many buy precious metals, new vehicles, too.

Well, this time I decided to celebrate Dasro a bit differently.
One of the most common thing what we observe during Dasro is many flower vendors selling Marigold flowers (Tagetes) which are also known as “Herb of the Sun”, they bloom almost in all seasons.

This Orange and Yellow colors of Marigold flowers represent Lord Surya, symbolizing Brightness and Positive Energy and hence they are considered auspicious and mostly used for all Hindu festivals, customs, and traditions.

Well, today Dussehra been on Sunday, I decided to capture this image which has Orange and Yellow (Colours of Sun) Marigold flowers, leaves of Peepal ( Ficus Religiosa), Shami (Prosopis Cineraria) and Aapto (Bauhinia Racemosa). These trees are worshiped on Dussehra and the leaves are considered to be as Gold and they are distributed amongst people. My bronze thali and this beautifully handcrafted copper murti of my Surya dev sitting on a chariot driven by 7 horses, where these 7 horses symbolize 7 kinds of Forces, 7 stages of Thinking, and 7 levels of Consciousness.
It’s said worshiping Surya dev feels your life with wealth, success, and prosperity…….
On this auspicious occasion, let us all pray and inspire to follow the path of dharma which is Righteousness.

Happy Dasro to one and all.


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