With Section 144 going on in a state of Goa and due to Coronavirus crisis, it seemed like RG’s POGO Rallies and Corner Meetings had to take a halt. But, despite all the obstacles, Revolutionary Goans have come up with an innovative idea to reach to fellow Goan followers and organized an e-POGO Rally on Sunday evening.

The rally was organized live on their official Facebook page and Youtube channel at 7 PM sharp. With the massive promotion by RG followers on social media, the video had more than 1.5 lakhs viewers on various Facebook pages and RG’s Youtube channel. The rally was hosted by Revolutionary Vishvesh Naik and taken ahead with Revolutionary Shrikrishna Parab. RG head, Manoj Parab then addressed the online crowd for more than 2 hours.

During his speech, Manoj launched the biggest ever campaign for Goans, “Let’s Rebuild Goa“. This is one of a kind initiative designed by RG while keeping in mind the future of Goans and with the goal of preserving Goan culture.

Various innovative ideas were launched by Manoj under Let’s Rebuild Goa which covered many aspects by considering the future development of Goa. Most of them are designed to make Goa self-sustainable all over again like it was hundreds of years ago.

One of those initiatives is Amche Matadaar. Amche Matadaar is an idea for illegal Election Card Cancellation who has dual voting cards. This practice is seen commonly in Goa among migrant communities who try to settle in Goa illegally and obtain Goan voting cards from politicians who use them to play vote bank politics. Under Amche Matadaar, Revolutionaries will identify such cases as having dual voting cards from various parts of India and further try to cancel the illegal ones.

Amche Kaamgaar is an initiative to register all the POGO skilled and unskilled laborers in Goa. Over lakh migrants have left Goa and gone to their native state making a huge void in the labor force required In Goa.
This is the time to encash on this and fill the vacuum created with our labor force. With so many Goans ready to work, it’s our duty to get them under one platform and help them get the job”, Said Manoj.

Amche Kutumb is another big campaign by itself that will register all the POGO families and bring them under one big POGO family of Goa and help to map the resources available with us. This will be done by RG’s revolutionaries in each village by going door to door. This will also help understand the different issues faced by people in Goa.

Amche Xetkaar is a beautiful concept where we encourage the young generation to come forward and take up farming as a career and bring existing farmers in the RG family so that they get help from the rest of the farmers to fight for their issues and also share their experiences with each other. This will help them grow as a community and help make Goa self-sustainable again”, Manoj explained the concept.

Goa Fresh is a start-up by Revolutionary Goans to directly empower Goan youth and make them self employed. This will help them take up traditional businesses like fish, vegetables, fruits, chicken sellers which are now majorly controlled by the migrants. Interested Goans can register on the Revolutionary Goans website.

Amche Jobs is an initiative to bridge the gap between the employer and the employee. Today in the digital world we Goans are facing the biggest problem of searching jobs in Goa and also finding the Goan candidate as there is no e platform in Goa which is exclusively for Goans. So this will surely help Goans who are looking for a job and also one who is looking for Goan employees.

Green Goa is a campaign which was started last year and they have planted almost 10000 saplings all over goa. They also plan to take up water harvesting projects under this banner. This year RG has planned to plant 1 lakh saplings all over Goa if this COVID-19 lockdown is taken.

Amche Dhondekar is a platform for Goan Businesses. It Is Not Just A Business Directory, it Is A platform Started With The Aim To Save Goa And Goas Identity. It Is An One-Stop Exposure For Businesses By Goans. Amche Dhondekar- It’s an initiative by RG to build a Goan business community, a first-ever business directory that is exclusively for Goans ( Person of Goan Origin). Amche Dhondekar is a web platform where any business owner who is of Goan origin can register their business free of cost. The goal behind creating this portal is to bring together all the Goan Businesses so that, we build a community of Goan business owners and grow together.
Migrants are dominating in every business in Goa. It’s high time now that we take our businesses in Goa in our own hands. Amche Dhondekar will surely help all the businesses to unite and help each other”, said Manoj.

Goencho Patrao is a step Towards Fearless Journalism. In this era of paid media, true journalism is rare. The constant pressure by higher authorities and rulers makes the motto of journalism die somewhere. But, passion for journalism will always create few fearless journalists who would need a platform to express their true thoughts irrespective of the opposition and critics they might face. Goencho Patrao will be the space provided for all to express their opinions. GP will bring fearless journalism and people from all walks of life will be free to contribute in whichever way possible. Goencho Patrao also calls upon the students’ community to write their thoughts, because there is no powerful tool like Youth’s Voice.

A new concept of adopting a farmer or entrepreneur was introduced where Manoj appealed some of the rich Goans to adopt farmers from Goa or Entrepreneurs from Goa who is demotivated in their respective fields of operations due to this COVID crisis. In the end, Manoj appealed every Goan to take active participation in all the campaigns launched and make it a success.


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