There is this rising issue these days in Neura village of Goa which has Goa’s 2nd biggest Khazan land. This Khazan land is being destroyed purposely by flooding it with seawater. Villagers of Neura have filed multiple complaints regarding the matter to Government authorities expecting help.

In a recent complaint to Zonal officer of the Agriculture Department, a farmer from the same village has highlighted how the seawater is been allowed to enter the paddy fields in this land by keeping the Sluice gates open by these gatekeepers.

“The present MLA is being neglecting the issue of Khazan lands and local farmers for last 2 decades. This matter has been discussed many times with him but till now, there is no appropriate solution and more than 750 farmers from Neura Khazan alone and more than 1000 farmers from neighbouring villages are suffering due to this issue. Recently, none of the ministers have shown any concern to address this issue”, added Viresh.

Around 15 farmers had plowed their paddy fields with a private tractor to carry on different farming activities to cultivate the area admeasuring at least 1 lakh sq. meters. But these gatekeepers took advantage of the current situation of lockdown and flooded all the land with seawater. Additionally, more than 25 farmers are wishing to cultivate the lands. But due to this condition, they are not ready to take the risk of investing their money in cultivating the fields.

“As far as I know, there was no auction done for the allotting the gatekeepers. But the contractor has handed over the access to Sluice gates without taking farmers into confidence. The contractor to whom tender was given to construct Bund from Zuari to Old Goa is preventing farmers from carrying out traditional fishing activities. These gatekeepers are misleading the traditional farmers saying that they have taken the place by auction and preventing farmers from fishing in the revolute since the stoppage of the last valid auction from April-May 2018 to date”, said local farmer from the village.

Also, the contract for construction of Bund was allowed somewhere in April 2018 for a period of 3 years, however, till today the work has not been completed which was supposed to be completed by 4th April 2020. As per the Office of Mamlatdar, the said auction can’t be initiated until the construction of the Bund is completed.

“It is painful to see that the Government money for the tender of construction of Bunds which is more than 9 crores is wasted. Villagers have requested the authority to survey the work done by the contractor and also take action against the contractor who is solely responsible for destroying the fields. when inspected the bund by the villagers, the bund in some of the places is broken that too in the summer season and what will be the condition of the Bunds in the rainy season. These fields need to be made ready for cultivation, as due to the Covid-19 crisis, we need to take different crops by ourselves and become self-sustainable” Said Viresh Borkar President of Revolutionary Goans.


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