Some days back, the newspapers were full of statements made by two of the Goa State Ministers. We have seen some personal comments being made by Minister Michael Lobo and Dy CM Babu Ajgaonkar on each other. Also in this fight, they involved all the 40 MLA’s calling them corrupt and serious allegation of corruption and misuse of the uniform was made on Pernem Police Station PI Sandesh Chodankar. You can read the full story about this at this link.

Lobo had also questioned the appointment of this PI at the Pernem Police Station when serious cases of murder and corruption are going on against him. According to Lobo, all this was done with the support of a Politician, and the PI was working to please a politician.

Lobo had informed that he had made a written complaint in this matter to IGP (Inspector General of Police) and Vigilance department headed by Cheif Secretary. He said he will not let this issue dry down and will make sure justice will be served to the locals of Pernem and Mandrem.

With respect to this statement of Lobo, Dy CM Babu Ajgaonkar had replied making a statement saying all the 40 MLA’s are corrupt.

But now, with respect to these issues of minister fighting, and a minister of Dy CM level making a statement that all 40 MLA’s are corrupt a party meeting was held with Goa CM and the issue and the fight between the ministers was sought out.

“We had a meeting with the Goa CM and he said not to fight. I am not the one who fights, We have nothing against each other”, says Michael Lobo after the meeting with CM.

“We have nothing against each other, We are family”, says Babu Ajgaonkar.

So with this, the fight came to an end but are the people of Pernem and Mandrem served the justice which Michael Lobo was referring to?

Will the complaint of corruption and misusing uniform be investigated on PI Sandesh Chodankar? Is the complaint taken back? The statements made by Lobo on PI were wrong and was a pressure tactic played by him?

Also, the minister of the level of Dy CM makes a serious allegation of corruption on all the MLA’s, should he not be taken seriously? Is this not a disrespect towards the position he has?

There are so many questions that still remain unanswered, don’t you think people should get these answers?

We hope all those allegations are investigated and the truth is brought in front of people of Goa.


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