In an most unfortunate incident in this democratic country, two of the local youth are arrested for using their freedom of speech today. Both the boys are still in police custody and hundreds of Revolutionary Goans members and supporters are waiting outside Pernem Police Station right now.

According to sources, Babu Ajgaonkar had conducted a campaign meeting for a ZP Candidate in Pernem area yesterday. Here, two of the youth who are RG members questions him regarding the notification issued by Government which orders to avoid mass gatherings in a state, to which Babu Ajgaonkar replied arrogantly and later today his supporters filed a police complaint against the two RG boys for violating code of conduct.

Late today, two boys were arrested and kept in a police custody at Pernem Police Station. Revolutionary Goans chief, Manoj Parab along with his core team reached Pernem Police Station in no time and within minutes, police station was full of hundreds of RG supporters.

Manoj Parab assured people that full RG family is with their boys and there is no need to worry. He said, they will make sure the boys get the bail as soon as possible and since it’s a non-bailable complaint, RG team of advocates are visiting the judge right now so that boys are released now itself. He assured, RG will file a return complaint against Babu Ajgaonkar and his supporters who have files this unethical complaint against RG boys.

Proud and Fearless father of Arrested boy speaking to media

“This is Dictatorship by these ministers and Government. This is an attempt to suppress the voice of common Goykar. Babu Ajgaonkar has targeted our Goan youth for just questioning him. It’s a right of every voter to question their elected representatives and it’s a duty of these leaders to answer them”, said Manoj while speaking to media.

Just a few hours to the notification by CM, Dr Pramod Sawant regarding cancellation of all the public meetings as a precautionary measure against Corona virus in Goa and he himself has started taking mass meetings for upcoming ZP elections campaign. Almost all the leaders from all the political parties are roaming around the villages and cities all over Goa accompanying huge crowd with them. This has raised the question mark on how much the government and elected representatives care about the people of Goa. And are the rules applicable only for common people and not politicians?


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