It’s a remote area in the Bicholim taluka with no medical facility nearby. The nearest health center is at Bicholim city.

Latambarcem-Kasarpal village panchayat had specially asked for the ambulance for the emergency cause at night as the nearest available ambulance is 12 km away in Bicholim. The ambulance bearing number GA 07 G 1551 has been kept outside Latambarcem village panchayat. The ambulance is supposed to be in operation 24*7 but from the last 3 days, it’s working from 8:30 am in the morning to 6:30 pm in the evening.

If any mishappening happens at night, who should be held responsible, Government or the person who manages this ambulance?

Last Monday, there occurred a medical emergency during which the Ambulance had to be called from Bicholim. This took half an hour more. Though, this was the minor case, what if anything serious happens, any major accident? Are we supposed to wait for an ambulance from Bicholim? What if the delay causes the worst conditions? Deaths?

It’s the failure on the part of Mr. Kshetty, manager from Karnataka who manages the duties. He is been alleged for the harassment made to Goan staff. Now he is causing inconvenience to locals. This kind of negligence cant be tolerated.

This is a total failure of the Government who gives contracts to outsiders who are here only to fill their pockets. Government should take strict action against this. Again, an active villager complained about the issue to the helpline number provided for which no replies have been received by the concern authorities. Villagers are hoping to get the ambulance operational 24*7 as early as possible.


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