Its NERUL this time. After 2 mega POGO rallies and many successful corner meetings, Revolutionary Goans have been invited by Nerul villagers for a corner meeting.

There was a revolution in Goa to set Goa free from Portuguese rule. And there is a revolution now. Again for the same reason. But this time it’s to free Goa from these greedy politicians and their migrant vote banks.

It’s the first time in the history of Goa that Goans are uniting as Goykars. Nobody is inviting them to the meeting. Rather the meeting itself is been arranged by the active youth from Nerul. People are going door-to-door all by themselves to make awareness about the POGO bill and this revolution. Right from youth, children to women from the locality are willingly participating to make this corner meeting a grand success.

Locals have seen how the Goan villages are grabbed by outsiders and now they know it’s a high time, Goans shall unite to take back Goa in their own hands. Everything which they have lost. Right from the jobs, businesses to their lands.

Nerul has a famous and most beautiful COCO beach where the businesses are already taken over by migrants. After meeting Manoj Parab and Revolutionary Goans and inspired by their ideology, Goans have now understood that this fight is final. If we don’t fight for our identity now, we will be left with empty hands. So this time, Nerul women have come forward and pledged that they will take all stalls in and around the area of COCO beach and keep every business over there in their hands. Revolutionary Goans have shown full support to these women. Backed by the strong support by RG, these women and all villagers are fully motivated and are ready for this revolution.

“I know all the true Goans will surely attend the Nerul meeting in big numbers because they don’t need the invitation for their meeting. It’s not a political meeting. It’s the meeting for Goans. It’s the meeting to unite Goans”, said Manoj.

All eyes are on this big meeting in Nerul. Revolutionary Goans are working hard to awaken every Goan about their rights and why they have to fight for these rights. Looking at the response they are getting for the last few corner meetings, this corner meet in Nerul is predicted to replicate a POGO rally.

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