Bravo! Its a mind-blowing response of true Goans at Usgaon today. 4000+ of Goenkars gathered this evening for the corner meeting organized by the Villagers of Usgaon who invited Revolutionary Goans and Manoj Parab. And it was Unbelievable! It wasn’t the corner meet anymore. Yes! It was a MINI POGO RALLY!

Manoj Parab started with a briefing about how Revolutionary Goans have reached this level in the last 2 and half years. He praised villagers of Usgaon to gather in large numbers by ignoring the warnings of seating MLA and coming out of the modern slavery they are undergoing now. He said FAMILY RAj should be ended.

“Don’t beg for the Government jobs to your elected representatives. You all are capable and we’ll qualified. Why are you not getting jobs in the companies like Nestle, MRF, etc which are based in your village? Why are you not doing businesses which will earn you crores? Don’t treat your elected representatives as Kings. They are your servants”, Manoj questioned people from Usgaon.

Manoj blamed the elected representatives for dividing Goans based on caste and religions. He highlighted various new colonies of migrants emerging in the locality. He clearly blamed seating MLA, Vishwajeet Rane for creating these vote banks. He promised to give a right direction to the fire Goans have in their heart for Goa’s love.

As per the sources, after RG announced a meeting in Usgaon, the current MLA held a meeting yesterday to pressurize villagers not to attend the corner meeting by Revolutionary Goans.

Manoj Parab, a founder of Revolutionary Goans explained the importance of the POGO bill which defines who the real Goan is. The person of Goan origin is the one who is here or whose grand parents or parents are here from the Goa’s liberation and not the one who came and settled here once Goa was liberated. He said POGO shall get all the rights mentioned in the bill like 100% Government jobs, 80% private-sector jobs, 100% Comunidade lands, Government schemes, housing board projects to only POGO. He blamed Government for not even discussing the bill in the monsoon assembly. He promised to create the awareness of the POGO bill to every village of Goa because it’s for the betterment of Goans.

Manoj highlighted the current situation of Goa today. There are various illegal activities going on in Goa like drugs, prostitution, etc. The image of Goa is completely spoilt all over the globe. He blamed CM of Goa for sidelining Goans and promising jobs to people from Karwar and Dodamarg in Goa. Neither the Government is working for the empowerment of youth nor women.

“Panchayats are also involved in creating vote banks by giving NOC’s to these illegal migrants. Whether it is for settling in the village or carrying out the businesses”, Manoj blamed.

Manoj addressed the severity of the migrant influx in Goa in each and every industry. He highlighted how the Government is harassing Goans by employing them on a contractual basis. He told people how migrants are given Government jobs in the health department, etc by sidelining Goans. Migrants are settling illegally in our Comunidade lands. Why aren’t MLA’s doing anything about them? He questioned.

“Why every sector in Goa is privatised? Why there are outside companies like Sodexo, Wellness, etc in Goa when there were local businesses running smoothly”, Manoj showed the darkest reality behind the Government’s strategy in the name of development.

He said every business is important. We shall not feel ashamed of doing any business. He encouraged Goan youth to start doing every business which is taken over by these migrants. That’s the only way to take our Goa back to us.

Manoj pledged to unite Goans. He assured Usgaon villagers that they are not alone in this fight. Every Revolutionary is important and everyone shall be able to stand and speak. Everyone shall be able to unite Goans and fight for our identity. He appealed Goans to wake up and adapt legal ways in this Revolution. Revolution is in the blood of every Goan. Finally, he motivated Goans to be fearless and fight as one Goan.


  1. Not at all surprised at the response. Goans especially our youth are thirsty and hungry. RG, you have given them hope and created a fire in their spine. Manoj, you speak from the heart and touch every sensitive nerve in the being of niz goenkars. You are Goa’s proud son and to the entire team, I say there is no looking back. This furnace of love for our motherland, our rights, our dignity and our pride will engulf and destroy all the goan haters and and will download the fence sitters to join RG. Three cheers to the entire team. You will go down in history as the soldiers who will win our Goa Back for our generations to come. I will rest in peace knowing that our children are bulldozing the criminals who sold my precious and beloved Goa. May the Divine One Bless each of you.

  2. Well spoken Manoj Parab keep the fire burning Uzo!!! Let the motion continue until the POGO bill is recognised by the government.Hope the youth carry on the good work and support you’re agenda and movement.


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