Over the past two years, Revolutionary Goans has been striving to regain our identity in our own land. The struggle that began with just a few of us has spread like a wildfire across Goa. Have you ever thought why this trigger was an immediate need?

Until a few years ago, a simple lifestyle was our motto. We had our own farmers, fisher-folks and working class. We co-existed happily. The term ‘Susegad Goenkars’ was our tagline and we relished every bit of it but then, those who visited us as guests stabbed us in our backs. They came, settled and then occupied what was ours. Initially, we let it go. Those whom we elected also betrayed us when they fell for their greed. In fact, a lot of migrants were transported by them to Goa with a clear intention: covert outsiders into a vote bank that automatically reduces the power of people of the land. Our Comunidade land was occupied by the slum-dwellers on the behest of these politicians. A large unaccounted population built their homes on the land that was initially reserved for us.

Our fields had overnight turned into concrete roads. They called it ‘development’. The lands were occupied by the big companies, they said we will be given jobs. Our rivers were overcrowded with Casinos.  Our coastline had turned into a hub for drugs and tourists drinking in the open. We felt unsafe in our own spaces. They polluted our fields, our water, and clean air. While we kept witnessing this, largely we were silent, slowing letting them push us into a Modern Day Slavery. Where are the jobs today?

I say this because I feel it and I know you feel it too. The migrant influx over the years has not only burdened our state but it has resulted in us, losing almost everything we had. My Goan brothers and sisters are forced to look for jobs somewhere else while the migrants and the settlers have been enjoying their jolly ride here. This struggle is real. 

But the Revolution has begun now. The first one got us liberated from the foreigners and now it’s a battle to regain what is rightfully ours from migrants and those greedy politicians who have literally sold their souls. 

Every Person of Goan Origin needs to secure back what we have lost. Every Niz Goenkar must teach those elected representatives a lesson who have betrayed us over several years. I know this will be a long battle but we can achieve this by Patience, Determination, Courage, and Unity.

This is a History in the making and I know everyone who stands by Revolutionary Goans has to contribute towards this changing times. Let’s document this history together. Goencho Patrav will be the space provided for all of you to express your opinions. We will bring fearless journalism and people from all walks of life will be free to contribute in whichever way possible. I also call upon the students’ community to write their thoughts, because there is no powerful tool like Youth’s Voice. I call upon Goans to be a part of this History. 

Let’s Revolution!


  1. A great step towards informative and fearless journalism. This will keep us in good stead. More room for healthy and viable discussions. Wishing you the very best along with all like-minded goenkars. A big God bless to you all! Stay focussed! Stay strong!

  2. Congratulations Goencho Patrao,
    There is no doubt that the pen is mightier than the sword.There is also no success without grit, determination, hard work coupled with focus through grass root action. Revolutionary Goans, the spark you lit less than three years is now a raging furnace and is spreading to envelope more hearts beating for Goa. It is a great pride that the youth have decided to grab our losing identity, culture, pride and dignity and restore what is rightfully Goan. More power to our youth. When the going gets tough it is the the tough youth that runs the race successfully to the finishing line. Viva Goa, Viva Goa’s youth.
    Judith Almeida.

  3. Manoj baab tujya Kaden maji ek request asa hav tu sagle ami goenkar Ani ami goenkar pon sambaluk zai,tuven poila astale azkaal khoob amche tarnate ya bhayle lokak lagoon pidyar zalyat kashe tey ayk bcoz of this smugglers, lhan lhan burgey ayz smugling kartat, pan masala gutka vimal, tambakoo khavpak laglyat ani achya mukar kitey halat zatli ti khabar na, so hyach karnak lagoon amchi udarghat pidyar zalya ani todey goenkar yo nakasle khavad vikoon tanka goeyat zago dila, so plzz ami ye bandh karpak zai. 🙏🙏🙏🙏


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