It was the biggest corner meeting ever by Revolutionary Goans ever in Goa. Manoj Parab addressed a huge crowd which was more than 1000 from a small village like Revora. Manoj Parab spoke for around 2 hours and not a single one from the audience moved from their places.

Manoj addressed various issues faced by villagers from Revora that included the upcoming Mahindra Hotel, Plots & Housing by migrants, Illegal Businesses, etc which have completely finished Goans. If these illegalities continued for more years, there will be no future for Goans.

Manoj informed that the Mahindra Hotel project which is proposed in the Asonorra area will affect the whole Bardez taluka. It is planned to be a five-star hotel comprising of 220 rooms. Manoj also addressed the pollution of water bodies which is bound to happen because of this hotel in the near future.

Another major problem which the villagers are facing is the rising number of migrants occupying Comunidade lands and buying properties by these migrants. Also, there is a huge construction going on in the area which will enable more migrants to occupy the flats and properties.

Illegal businesses by these migrants have literally finished the Goan businesses and if this continues, there will be no place left for Goans in the near future.

“I urge villagers to take control of your village, participate in Gramsahbas, be part of this democratic process. don’t give ur village in hands of this 7 elected representatives or one MLA.. It’s you who Will have to take the responsibility of being Goenkar and start acting against the illegalities by migrants in your village.
Do not tolerate the Dadagiri of elected representatives and make them accountable for their actions.”, Manoj Parab appealed.

Manoj thanked the youth of Revora for all the efforts they have put for the meeting. The fire this youth has in their heart is driving them to work for Goa. He stated.

Watch the Manoj Parab’s full speech on Revolutionary Goans’ Youtube channel.


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