Kerala is possibly the only state with a high Covid-19 case, but yet no complaints about oxygen shortage in hospitals in Kerela. It has been supplying medical oxygen to neighboring Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Kerla has also supplied oxygen to Goa.

Last year Kerala depended on Tamil Nadu and Karnataka for oxygen but today things have changed. Kerala is the second worst-hit state, yet it has no shortage of oxygen supply.

Currently, with the fourth highest – after Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka – active Covid-19 caseload, Kerala needs less than 100 tonnes of medical oxygen in hospitals daily. They have a capacity for the production of 204 tonnes of medical oxygen per day.

At present, Kerala has 23 oxygen plants, most of which have come in the past two years. In the past year itself since the Covid-19 outbreak in India, reports say Kerala has augmented its oxygen-producing capacity by around 60 percent.

Learning from the experience of managing Covid-19 in hospitals, the Kerala government expanded the oxygen coverage of ICU beds. Now the majority of the beds in medical colleges and hospitals in Kerala have an oxygen supply.

Another factor that is working in Kerala to deal with oxygen needs for Covid-19 patients is the network of health workers at the grassroots levels – ASHA and panchayat-level workers. They make sure that anybody with the slightest of symptoms such as fever is tested for Covid-19.

Early detection of Covid-19 cases is helping Kerala in managing the patients well and the need for oxygen gets reduced due to early medical attention. Covid-19 cases have grown in Kerala after the conclusion of the recent assembly election. Still, the state is managing its oxygen needs. It is now supplying oxygen to Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa, and Delhi.


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