An RTI dated 08th April revealed a huge amount spent of Rs. 150 crores for a period of only 3 months that is Jan 2021 to March 2021. Only on advertisements and publicity through various mediums. the Internet was over flooded with advertisements of AAP Leader Arvin Kejriwal on Covid-19.

Reportedly, the AAP govt has paid huge to multiple new channels to show Kejriwal’s ad and the overwhelmed news channels are now going overboard. Republic TV is showing Kejriwal’s ad every five to ten minutes. However, on Sunday, when Republic TV had not much to show as news they played Kejriwal’s ad in between two Kejriwal’s ad.

As per sources AAP paid multiple channels to show advertisements of Arvind Kejriwal. Republic TV was showing these ads every 5 to 10 mins and on weekends news was not shown much but ads of Kejiriwal’s ad in between 2 ads of Kejriwal.

Republic TV CEO Arnab was so influenced that He had even started looking like Kejriwal said an employee of Republic TV. The most shocking thing is that Republic TV is also considering renaming its TV Channel to AK TV.


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