Protest and Strikes are Becoming the New Normal in Goa! Taxi protest, Mopa Airport protest, Shel Melaulim IIT protest, Mining dependants on Protest, Coal protest, Double-Tracking protest, Tanmar Project Protest, CZMP Plan Protest, and Student Protest, what more is left to be seen in the present running government.

The BJP government has proved that democracy is being killed by them. Protest in our peaceful Goa was not normal, but today every day there is a protest, every village has some or the other issue which is being protested on.

Why is this happening in our small Beautiful Goa? Is the State Government not capable enough to keep the peace within Goa and save the beauty of Goa? Every day people are out protesting to save either their land, their village or their livelihoods.

Elections are upcoming soon and we all need to think about, Who do we vote for? If the BJP comes into power again will it not be a murder of democracy?


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