Villagers of Davorlim stopped the ongoing project of road hot-mixing in their locality after it was noticed that the hot-mixing work is being done by the authorities without desilting the cross drains or the roadside drains.

Luizinho Faleiro MLA of Navelim told the contractor to leave the stretch of the road without hot-mixing and to take up the work at the stretch after the completion of the cross drains.

The locals stopped the contractor from carrying out the hot-mixing work in the morning, stating that taxpayers’ money would go in vain if the hot-mixing work is completed without desilting the cross drains.

They added the roadside drains are all clogged by the silt from the road, and they fear that the adjoining residential houses will be inundated during the rains.

“How can the authorities work on the hot-mixing work when neither the cross drains nor the roadside drains remained clogged and awaiting desilting,” he said, adding that the villagers will allow the hot-mixing work only after the completion of the cross drainage.


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