Today CM Of Goa Pramod Sawant afternoon Tweeted, To which many Questioned.

Goa has been a victim of propaganda for the past several months, which has been significantly fueled by external forces. Some of the opposition parties in Goa have also been motivating such external forces to create unrest in the state.
No propaganda shall derail our sincere efforts towards building a progressive state.: CM Sawant

Goa Has been a victim due to an unfit Leader and Goa is going through a crisis and some of the reasons and some are.

Coal Transportation, Double Tracking of Railway lines, highway expansions. River Madhei being diverted to Karnataka. Marina proposed site is in a village where the people of the village depend on Fishing. Mopa Road widening has destroyed Farmer’s agricultural land. About 6-7 months Villagers of Melauli protested to save their village and the forest which was been about to be destroyed. Lifeguards were on Huger Strike for days together and the decision was not very quick they did suffer. Aged Freedom fighters were on strike for 6 long days. Did it take 6 days to make a decision?

Citizens question Who is creating propaganda and should clarify which external forces have fueled up his governance.


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