Doctors have been working tirelessly from the start of the pandemic for long hours. They didn’t stay home but worked in such difficult times.

Doctors are referred to God, and today the government is here to distress them. Goa was the first state in India to be covid free but due to irresponsibility of the government and the power to run the state or should we say run illegalities the border was opened up and soon the green zone Goa turned to red zone Goa.

Or was it to take the money of the Central Government scheme? Till today Goans did not know why were the borders of the state were opened up.

Even then our Doctors were working tirelessly without complaining, under tremendous pressure facing a lot of difficulties. Working in PPE kits in a hot- humid place like Goa in summer is even difficult to think about.

After all this, the government creates stress to all the Doctors who are rendering, their service in ESI hospital Margoa and South District Hospital Goa where the covid patients are handled. The doctors who stay in the accommodation were given the notice to clear the premises or pay for the bill of their stay, as a reaction to which the Doctors withdrew their services in ESI hospital Margoa and South District Hospital Goa.

When this was questioned to the Health Minister he said he had absolutely no clue on the same and who and why the doctors are made to vacate the accommodation, and he stands by them in this situation. He has written an email to the Chief Minister, and the Secretary of Health, requesting a doctor’s sentiments should be taken into consideration as he said.

A Doctor working in the two Covid Hospital spoke his heart out saying.

“It’s exhausting after long hour duties in PPE kits working in the hospital as resident doctors work for 8-12 hrs shifts. There are doctors posted in 55 areas and they are on call duty 24/7. Also, it’s next to impossible for them to attend emergency calls with a travel transit of 1 hour. It is also a serious concern of the safety of women doctors who are working late night shifts or who have to travel night call duties”.

“They wish to continue our best services for the people of Goa, however in this situation, it is impossible and they are waiting for a positive response from the Goa Government and the resolution of this issue”, the doctor concludes.

Is the Health Minster trying to run away from this issue?? Or is he too busy minting money?

Do they deserve such cold behavior when they are working for all our safety?


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